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People buy from you when they know, trust, and like you. Smart, customer-relevant advertising helps make that happen. Relevance to the lives of your customers is the #1 reason people watch, listen to, or read advertising.  Our job is to find the most strategic points of relevance to focus on in your ads, then develop creative concepts that will work best for your messages: Serious or funny?  Cooly superior or touchingly warm?  Outlandish or down-to-earth?

Luckily, we've been doing this for our clients for about 30 years, in a range of industries and using every media there is to do the job right.   When we develop your work, it will reflect a core Strategic Marketing Message that we develop together with you at the outset, leading directly to smarter, more creative work.

Work that audiences notice and remember, but that also actually delivers in the real, results-driven business world.

What types of advertising do we do?  We are media agnostic.  Great ideas work in every medium, so we use whatever is right for achieving the goals you have in mind. To be specific, here's the list:


            • Television



            Web Banners

            • Promotional Programs

            • Trade Show Booths

            • Cinema

            • Direct Mail

            Posters & POS Displays

In the end, of course, you have to like our advertising to be inclined to hire us.  A few examples of The Work is here.


Digital Media & Content Marketing

The most effective use of the Internet today resides in tying your brand's web presence – on both desktops and mobile devices – together with your bricks-and-mortar reality.  That's why we develop Integrated Digital Strategies that begin with web sites, but also include how your audience will access your company via all digital devices and traditional media, as well as social media.

Content Marketing. No brand can completely control how they are perceived on the Internet, but that's all the more reason for brands to create and share digital content -- videos, blogs, social media events, etc. -- in order to influence that perception as much as possible. Content Marketing is simply an organized and strategic approach to the creation and sharing of that digital content. We can do it for you, and train your staff so that you can manage it internally. 

Social Media. Not sure how your company can market itself using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others?  Not sure which Google tools can leverage social media best to grow your brand faster?  The upside for your business vastly outweighs any downside...unless you do it wrong.

A custom Digital Media Strategy. Instead of overwhelming you with details about every web or mobile media tool, including the ups and downs of various social media, PowerFlite consults with you about what you need to achieve, then customizes a strategy for helping do exactly that – online and offline – providing specific, step-by-step instructions on how to implement a program that you or staff members can manage effectively.

Best of all, because PowerFlite also has a long history of developing traditional marketing, we know your custom-made social media and digital strategy can't just be about how to use social media sites alone – and it won't be.  We also show you how best to integrate Social Media into your traditional advertising and other marketing initiatives smoothly and organically for better results.


Genuine Branding™

Everything you do as a business affects your brand.  But the term “Branding” is often misused.  As a discipline, branding does not require huge spending. It requires insight, clarity, consistency, and thought-provoking creative.  Done well, branding works equally well for small organizations, large corporations, and individual products.

At PowerFlite, our Genuine Branding™ practice helps clients by focusing on two things that consumers don’t expect from marketers anymore: Honesty and clarity. Sadly, marketers are among those trusted least by consumers. Even more sad?  It’s often for good reason.  After all, too many brands make promises they do not deliver on.  Often, it’s because they try something new, but it doesn’t work out.  Or they try to say one thing, but say it badly.  And in some cases, of course, organizations try to pull a fast one, and get caught.

Our Genuine Branding practice avoids all that by drilling down to a provable, believable branding proposition your organization should use – followed by a creative implementation of that proposition that sets you apart clearly without fluff or folly.  Best of all, you don’t need to be a big corporation for it to work.  You just have to use it.  See some positioning results of Genuine Branding™ here.


One subset of Branding that we also do very well is Naming. PowerFlite has developed names for a number of new and re-branded companies, products, programs, properties, awards, web sites, and more for large, established entities like these...

• PepsiCo               • AT&T                • Blue Cross Blue Shield

• Kodak                   • Logitech          • NH Catholic Charities

• Campbell’s          • Birds' Eye       • First Data

...as well as smaller firms and start-ups such as:

• Twinkle                  • Windsor Place of Wilmington

• SmartPhone         • Mother’s Muffins

• Softbridge             • Tommy’s Big Tow

Paired with an appropriate strategic brand position and positioning line, a great name can carve a self-sustaining niche for your brand that separates you from competitors, succinctly lays claim to why your product or company is a better choice, and engage audiences in ways that reinforce how you want to be known by the world.

What do you need to name? We can help you do it right, from strategy and research to development, logo design, and implementation. 


Graphic Design

Good graphic design is often not about making something look pretty. In fact, it’s sometimes smarter to make something look ugly.  Or scary.  Or confusing.  The point is that, like all marketing tools, good design starts with a strategy and tells a story. Graphically.  Verbally.  Boldly.  Succinctly.  Whatever best delivers the strategic message.  If it does that effectively, the whole world can look pretty.

Some of what we design includes:



Research, Analysis & Implementation

PowerFlites's research pros combine rigorous psychological and behavioral science research with proven scientific marketing principles to develop practical, reliable solutions that help our clients overcome tough marketplace challenges.

Some of the most requested research assignments we handle include:

  • Market Research
  • Consumer & B2B Focus Groups
  • Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Reporting
  • Online Polling & Analysis
  • Customer Service Assessment & Trainings
  • Business Development Planning & Execution



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