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Logo for a new kind of sales consulting firm.
Logo for an Architectural Color Consulting firm.

Logo with brand position for Quincy Technology Council

Rx Map logo and brand position.

Memorable, easy-to-read logo for a local mortgage company.


Logo developed to concisely communicate "Prism" in a one-color design.

Blue Hills Business Solutions logo.


Anniversary pin for funeral home based on their logo.

Logo and brand position for the New York Library Association.
Logo for a Korean travel sweepstakes called Body & Seoul.



Mortgage company stationery.
IT company stationery.

Stationery design for an assisted living center.

Innovative stationery design for a consulting firm with a progressive attitude.

Stationery design for a health care tracking technology start-up company.


Boldly colorful stationery design for an industrial products company.


   Brand Positioning

logo and brand position for America's Professional Social Workers.
Brand position for Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.

Mortgage company brand position also serves as a call to action.

Logo and brand position for an IT consulting firm.

Brand position for Hacker-Pschorr beer on POS poster.


Health care quality selection web tool brand position.





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