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Possibly the biggest change in TV advertising in recent years isn't the great new TVs – it's that you no longer need huge budgets to get huge quality. You do still need big ideas, though, as well as the experience and craftsmanship to execute those ideas in ways that get through to consumers. That's why, if you want TV ads that make an impact no matter what your budget is, calling PowerFlite is a pretty smart idea.

Below, you'll find both recent and archival TV works – low budget and big – including examples from the mix of industries in which our people have worked: health care, energy, retail, beverages, automotive, consumer electronics, fast food, and more.

Just double-click the TV spots you want to see...


     QMC "World Class Cancer Care" :30                            QMC "The Same Surgeons" :30



     Emerson Hospital "MRI Centers" :30                           Emerson Hospital "Surgical Weight Loss" :30



     Big Sister "50th Anniversary" :30                                  Virgin "Superboy" :30



     Washington Gas "Countdown" :30                               Taco Bell "Border Lights" :30


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